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Welcome to the wiki for MCSD Teacher Librarians!

School Board Policies you should know well
500 Series
503.3 Student Publications (wouldn't this include web publishing, ie. blogs?)
600 Series
602.11 Use of Information Resources
602.11-R-1 Use of Information Resources Regulation
603.6 Instructional Materials Selection
603.6E Request for Reconsideration of Instructional Materials
603.8 Academic Freedom
603.8-R Academic Freedom
603.12 Internet - Appropriate and Safe Use
603.12-R Internet and Electronic Mail - Appropriate Use Regulation
603.12-E Internet Access - Permission Letter to Parents or Guardians
605.5 Education Records
605.8 Media Centers

Current Projects
Grade level curriculum (common unit design) - elementary and secondary
Mentoring new staff

MCSD K-12 Curriculum

Helpful Forms

Helpful Forms